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No Bunny In My Magic Show

Posted on Oct 17, 2018 | Tags:

“Do you have any live animals in your show?” That’s a question that I’ve been getting less and less over the years. Interestingly, about half the times I’m asked, it’s because people don’t want the animals in the show. Magic shows and live animals seem to go together a lot of the time, so it’s not a surprise that the questions used to come up so often. Bunny rabbits are pretty much a symbol of modern magic, so it would only make sense to want this as part...

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Kidapalooza Festival, Fall 2018

Posted on Oct 10, 2018 | Tags:

I was just lucky enough to two days performing for the crowds at the Kidapalooza festival in Markham this past weekend. Thousands of people passed through, and it felt like most of them were at my show! There were a lot of highlights for me this past weekend, not the least of which being my daughter saw my show for the first time. Of course, she’s barely 5 months old and so she “looked at” my show more than she “watched” my show. Nonetheless, she didn’t cry once; I&r...

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2018 Summer Programs

Posted on Jun 08, 2018 | Tags:

2018 Summer Programs It's almost summer camp season, which means WonderPhil Magic Shows are being booked throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and beyond, to entertain children at all types of summer programs. From specialty themed camps to karate programs, you'll find WonderPhil's shows all over the place. Some of the programs have been booking WonderPhil for years -- some are approaching a full decade worth of summer time shows! That's back before WonderPhil was WonderPhil! This ...

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TD Summer Reading Club 2018

Posted on Jun 02, 2018 | Tags:

Where to see WonderPhil's shows! WonderPhil magic shows have been appearing at the TD Reading Club series for several years now. This year the show will be at several libraries throughout Toronto, and for the first time the show will be seen at Pickering Libraries! Dates and Locations June 23, 2018 11AM -- Toronto Public Library, Albert Campbell Branch June 23, 2018 1:30PM -- Toronto Public Library, Annette Street Branch July 4, 2018 10:30AM --  Pickering Library Central Branch...

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The 2017 Holiday Show Is Here!

Posted on Sep 03, 2017 | Tags: announcements

December is finally here and it’s time to start performing my 2017 holiday season show. I’m excited because this year’s show features some new and exciting props and incredible tricks. I’m confident this is going to be enjoyed by both kids and adults. This year’s Christmas & Holiday Magic Show features routines with a giant gingerbread man, a vanishing Santa Claus and snowman that colours itself in!!! I’ve also created a routine with some colourful bracelets, and...

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The Elephant In the Sleeve

Posted on Oct 14, 2013 | Tags:

Why does everyone always think it’s in the sleeve? And even then, why do they write it off as no big deal? It’s something all magicians hear, both from kids and adults. And I’m not about to say it’s a bad thing for someone to say or think, or that there’s anything wrong with it at all. It’s just that it often surprises me how casually it’s said! First, let me say something that I often preface my shows with. You can think it’s a trick, or you can think it...

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Funny Things Kids Say

Posted on Oct 08, 2013 | Tags:

As a magician I perform shows for all types of audiences. In a given week I may be entertaining at a couple of weddings, a corporate lunch and a store opening. More than anything else though, I’m hired to put on magic shows at children’s birthdays. I’ve done my show at hundreds and hundreds of those! In all of those shows I have heard the kids say some of the craziest things. Some of those things leave me scratching my head, but others just leave me laughing. For instance, earlier thi...

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Why Hire A Magician?

Posted on Sep 12, 2012 | Tags:

Magicians and kids parties have gone hand and hand for a long time, and not just because kids love magic. The fact is that the amazement experienced during a real live magic show simply can’t be duplicated on television or anywhere else, and every moment of true amazement creates memories that will last a long time. So let the magician entertain the kids for a while, and give yourself a chance to relax–you’ll surely have a great time, too! Why am I the Magician to hire? There&rsquo...

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Things To Do Before The Show

Posted on Apr 04, 2011 | Tags:

You can learn a lot about party planning when you perform hundreds of magic shows a year, and that’s exactly how I’ve managed to learn so much about it! The nice thing about hiring from the most experienced Toronto magicians is that they will always be able to put on a show that the kids will enjoy, and this will help make the party a huge success. However, as many magicians will tell you, there are often things happening outside of their control that serve as an occasional distraction to th...

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