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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to The Birthday Party

Posted on Nov 30, 2021 | Tags:

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to The Birthday Party So, it’s the first big snowfall of 2021/2022’s winter season, and I awake to weather warnings telling me “hey, you’re gonna have a hard time getting to your shows.” They weren’t worded like that, as very few Weather Network subscribers are magicians. Nonetheless, I was worried. All good though. I was making exceptional time. First show, early. Second show. Early. Third show…. I was running ahead of sch...

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Ha-Ha the Magic Parrot

Posted on Aug 24, 2021 | Tags:

A Parrot's Day Off Ha-Ha has been performing about 15 shows a week this summer, so it's about time he had a chance to just kick back and enjoy a nice warm day. So here he is a happy parrot in the backyard. How does a parrot spend a day off in summer? He's listening to a young girl sing some songs, he's having a freezie, BBQing, and playing some ball.   From The Amazon Ha-Ha comes from The Amazon which isn't such a big deal because I'm a Prime member. Needless t...

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The Name of Your Card Is....

Posted on Jun 28, 2021 | Tags:

The Name of Your Card Is Imagine a magician. Form the image in your mind. Are they holding a deck of cards? Very likely, sure. If not, hand them one. Now, something is happening with the cards? What is it? Shuffling perhaps. Some fancy fans and cuts. Yes, maybe. But once the magician engages you, what happens? Chances are, you’re hearing the words “Pick a card.” That’s the cliche, and it exists for a reason. We pretty much all do it. The unfortunate thing is, the “pick ...

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Oil & Water Really is a Fun Trick!

Posted on Jun 08, 2021 | Tags:

Oil & Water: Here's a Trick I've Never Performed Oil & Water is a classic of magic! Anyone studying card magic will know a few versions of this, and many practice it regularly. I know that I did! That said, it seldom appears in anyone's show. Where Would I Perform It? Since I mostly perform at birhday parties, you can imagine how rare it is to sit down at a table with my audience and deal out a few cards, still it's something I love to practice. By practice, I mean, I love...

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Welcome to Magic Camp!

Posted on Aug 11, 2020 | Tags: movie not magic but

Let’s Go To Magic Camp It’s finally happened! A movie about magic camp! This looks like Disney trying to do for magic what High School Musical did for music. Kinda. In a way. Seriously though, does this mean Disney is going to start touring magic shows? Will that be good or bad for my business? Never mind. I’m getting off topic. The point is: Disney + is about to release a movie called Magic Camp. It will be about children at a camp, learning magic, and competing to put on the b...

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Magician Keeping Busy During Covid

Posted on Jun 16, 2020 | Tags:

What Kept You Busy During Covid-19 Lockdown?   Like a lot of people, lockdown left me without work. I went through the usual phases of "It will be over quick," and "ARGH!" but eventually I just had to find some projects to help stay sane. The first project I took on was an online magic show on Facebook, which was a huge success. The first was seen by over 40,000 kids across various platforms. Then there were some follow up shows, and these took way more work than I'd ha...

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A WonderPhil Audience

Posted on Jan 30, 2020 | Tags:

"You've been a wonderful audience!" That's the final line spoken on stage by countless comics, magicians, singers, and... the list goes on. Or, it would if my thoughts could keep up with my typing. For those who've never performed regularly for audiences, this line may seem like an empty courtesy, rather than a genuine thanks. Granted, a lot of the time it may be, but that just comes out of habit, I'm sure. The fact is, the audience plays a huge role in the success of a s...

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The Invisible Zone -- WonderPhil TV Episode 2

Posted on Jan 21, 2020 | Tags:

When I first started to learn magic, I picked up a magic shop catalogue and studied every item on every page, again, and again. And then again. One of the first treasures I ever purchased was called The Invisible Zone. It looks like a cool trick, sure, but is it? I've been showing this off to people for over 2 decades now (wow... that's.... that can't be right), and many would swear that it is real magic, plain and simple. What do you think? Can it be real? Can things inside this device ...

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WonderPhil Magic TV Episode 1

Posted on Jan 14, 2020 | Tags: magic magic trick watch magic

I decided to take a bread from sitting* by my phone, and waiting for Netflix to call me up to film a magical TV series. Instead, I decided to try creating my own. If you, or a magic-loving-child that you know, would like to watch some amazing magic, and enjoy some funny moments, my Youtube channel is the place for you! Visit the channel and checkout the first episode, and all the ones that will (hopefully) follow. *Phones are in our pockets now. They follow us everywhere. Should we put an end to this...

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Magic Twisty Worm Video

Posted on Jan 06, 2020 | Tags:

Am I the only one who woke up one day, checked an old YouTube channel, and realized an old video was approaching half a million views? I feel like the guy who'd forgotten he'd mined BitCoins, and then realized he was a millionaire. Except without all the millionaire stuff.     This is an instructional video  I made over 5 years ago, with the intent of adding more how-to magic videos over the coming years. I did make a few more, but eventually lost focus, as my regular...

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