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WonderPhil Magic TV Episode 1

I decided to take a bread from sitting* by my phone, and waiting for Netflix to call me up to film a magical TV series. Instead, I decided to try creating my own. If you, or a magic-loving-child that you know, would like to watch some amazing magic, and enjoy some funny moments, my Youtube channel is the place for you! Visit the channel and checkout the first episode, and all the ones that will (hopefully) follow.

*Phones are in our pockets now. They follow us everywhere. Should we put an end to this expression?

The first batch of episodes are put together like a traditional kids' tv show format. There are segmants with riddles, how-tos, and even HaHa the parrot puppet. I've never seen anything like this featuring a magican, let alone a kids and family magician. If you've watched my shows before, please know this: These magic episodes are not rehashed versions of my birthday party magic shows. In fact, so far there's very little crossover at all. I've purposefully selected magic routines that haven't been featured in my regular shows.


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