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Some Fun Magic That You Can Do!


The Bending Spoon



This is a trick everyone should know, yet, they don't! It's an easy way to pretend you can easily bend cutlery and then -- more imortantly -- restore it to its original form. If you know this trick, watch along anyway, because there's a cool tip near the end that you might not know, yet!


The Key Card Trick



This is an important idea in card magic. Once you learn it, you can fool people with all sorts of card tricks. Even better, when others do it well, they'll still be able to fool you!



Vanishing Paper Clip


This is a neat idea I always redisover over the years. It's how to make it look like a paper clip or other similarly sized object can vanish and appear at will, and it doesn't need any sleight of hand. The gimick is easy to make. Just use some double stick tape, blue tac, or other things like that. Check it out.



The Bowing Paper

Here's a fun trick that used to be done with money, but these days it's best to do it with regular paper. You'll need to cut the paper down to size, but then you can decorate it however you'd like. Don't try it with Canadian money these days, though, because you'll end up tearing it in half and that's not good for anyone.


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Geneva Centre for Autism


“Phil joined our Adult Social Club for a 30minute virtual magic show and he was fantastic! He positively engaged with participants and participants reported that they loved the magic show. Phil is enthusiastic and full of energy which makes the session even more fun. Thank you Phil!”

Bridlewood Mall


"Thank you so much for joining us for our March Break week of fun! Your performance was "Wonderphil" and we look forward to welcoming you back again in the near future."



"Great show, WonderPhil!"

Brant Beacon, Newspaper


"Toronto’s premier family magician"

Nicole Stamp


"His show is 100% kid-appropriate, genuinely hilarious for kids and grownups, and kids are engaged, focused, and riveted the whole time! WonderPhil is a top-notch entertainer!"

Quinte West Library


"We loved all the magic AND the jokes! What a fun event!"

Sin City Illusions


"If you want to see a masterclass in family magic, go see WonderPhil!"


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