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What Close-Up Magic Looks Like

Magic up close is magic at its best. No camera tricks. No wishing you could get a closer look. It's magic that happens right under your nose, and often right in your hands. Sure, there is card magic -- pick a card and watch it transform into another, or wonder how it keeps appearing in a pocket, wallet or even a shoe -- but there's so much more. Imagine  your ring penetrating a necklace, a pencap playing tricks on you, coins appearing in your closed hand, or your mind being controlled with the aid of a few photosgraphs.


How Close-Up Magic Is Presented

There are three ways to deliver the memorable experience of magic like this to your guests. At their tables, or while they mingle, or at a special stationary location they can visit during the event:

Mingling and Table Hopping

WonderPhil visits your guests in groups as they mingle, or at their tables, and presents an amazing performance just for them. Fast-paced and interactive magic will get each group laughing and clapping, bringing up the energy in the room, and leaving everyone else eager to get their chance to see what all the excitement is about. These performances can last anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes, depending on each group and the needs of your specific event.

A Stationary Close-Up Show

For a truly classy option, you can have WonderPhil setup at a specific location at your event. A series of shows running 5, 10, or 15 minutes will be presented in true Las Vegas Close-Up style. Because the show is set up in one location, each act will have a much more formal feel, and will allow for a whole different type of magic to be performed. That means you can book this type of show all on its own, or book it to follow the mingling magic. Once everyone is excited by seeing the magician early in the evening, he'll let them know where he'll be later on, and they'll definitely go and see the formal act, then!



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Geneva Centre for Autism


“Phil joined our Adult Social Club for a 30minute virtual magic show and he was fantastic! He positively engaged with participants and participants reported that they loved the magic show. Phil is enthusiastic and full of energy which makes the session even more fun. Thank you Phil!”

Bridlewood Mall


"Thank you so much for joining us for our March Break week of fun! Your performance was "Wonderphil" and we look forward to welcoming you back again in the near future."



"Great show, WonderPhil!"

Brant Beacon, Newspaper


"Toronto’s premier family magician"

Nicole Stamp


"His show is 100% kid-appropriate, genuinely hilarious for kids and grownups, and kids are engaged, focused, and riveted the whole time! WonderPhil is a top-notch entertainer!"

Quinte West Library


"We loved all the magic AND the jokes! What a fun event!"

Sin City Illusions


"If you want to see a masterclass in family magic, go see WonderPhil!"


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