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How soon should I book the show?

The earlier you inquire about booking the show, the better chance you have of being able to secure WonderPhil for your party or special event. Of course, last minute bookings are often podssible, so it's always a good idea to get in touch for availability details.

On average, WonderPhil is booked 4 to 7 weeks in advance. However, some bookings are able to be made same-day, and others are over a year in advance!

Do you perform outside of the Greater Toronto Area?

Wonderphil can be available for magic shows just about anywhere, but additional travel fees may apply for locations outside the immediate Toronto area. Should such fees apply, they will be discussed before you book the show.

We've seen your amazing magic shows before. Will you perform a different show for our event?

With a huge repertoire of magic and comedy, the shows can definitely be changed up from one party to the next. If the children in the audience have seen one of WonderPhil’s shows before, he’ll be able to add some new things to the show to ensure there’ll still be some great surprises.

Be sure to discuss this at the time of booking, and that way some amazing variety can be added to the program. 

What age group is your magic show for?

The show is always tailored to the age group of the audience, and is enjoyed all over the Toronto Area by children as young as 3, all the way to adult. If the audience will be mixed ages, that’s fine, too. Because the show is always adjusted based on the audience ages, it's best to give as much detail about this at the time of booking as possible.

With all kids, it's best if the adults sit and watch the show along with them. For children around 3 and 4 years old, this is especially true. So, if you are planning to have lots of younger kids at the party, please encourage all the adults to sit and watch -- it will help the kids enjoy the show, and the adults will definitely have an incredible time, too. 

How much space do you need?

For birthday party shows, the ideal performance space is 2 metres wide with about 1.5 metres between the performer and the front row. However, because everybody’s home is different, the show is designed to be very flexible. As long as there is room for the audience to sit comfortably in front of the performance space, there will be room for the magician to setup.

Are you insured? And why is this important?

Hiring an entertainer who carries insurance is just good sense. Some venues require it of all entertainers brought in for private functions, and for your own home you’d want any professional, whether they be plumbers or children’s entertainers, to have insurance. Carrying insurance is also a clear sign of a professional entertainer, and this lets you know they are prepared, are experienced, and take their job seriously.

Can we take photos and videos of the show?

Please take lots of photos and videos! Hiring a magician for your birthday party or other special event is a big deal, and you’ll definitely want to capture memories of all the smiles and laughs. That’s especially true for when your child gets to help out in the show.

If you’d like to share those photos or short videos on social media though, please credit WonderPhil in the description by adding his name, website (, or tagging @magicintoronto.

If you’d like to upload a video longer than 2 minutes, please contact WonderPhil for approval.  

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