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Oil & Water Really is a Fun Trick!

Oil & Water: Here's a Trick I've Never Performed

Oil & Water is a classic of magic! Anyone studying card magic will know a few versions of this, and many practice it regularly. I know that I did! That said, it seldom appears in anyone's show.

Where Would I Perform It?

Since I mostly perform at birhday parties, you can imagine how rare it is to sit down at a table with my audience and deal out a few cards, still it's something I love to practice. By practice, I mean, I love performing this for myself. Oil & Water is one of those wonderful tricks that, when done well, will even amaze the performer. However it's done, it always begs to be enjoyed. How are those cards passing through each other? How are they seperating like that?

So Here It Is

Enter Zoom Magic! Still, this isn't something that suits my show, but I decided to invite some kids to watch a few private Zoom shows, just so I could perform some of my favourite "unseen" magic. So here you are. The famous but not-so-famous Oil & Water magic trick. I hope you enjoy.


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