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Welcome to Magic Camp!

Let’s Go To Magic Camp

It’s finally happened! A movie about magic camp! This looks like Disney trying to do for magic what High School Musical did for music. Kinda. In a way. Seriously though, does this mean Disney is going to start touring magic shows? Will that be good or bad for my business?

Never mind. I’m getting off topic.

The point is: Disney + is about to release a movie called Magic Camp. It will be about children at a camp, learning magic, and competing to put on the best show possible — at least, that’s the impression I got from the trailer.

I used to work at magic camps

When I first moved to Toronto — No. When I second moved to Toronto (Can I say it like that?) — I got to work at a summer day camp where the kids came in to learn all sorts of magic tricks. It was exciting for so many reasons. Firstly, it was the first time I’d had the opportunity to spend so much time living and breathing magic. Second, the other staff did all the heavy lifting. I just got to be the “expert” instructor.

WonderPhil Magic Camps

Since then I’ve steered myself into a career as a magician. Along with performing at birthdays, corporate shindigs and summer camps, I also get invited to run my own magic camps from time to time.

Now, none of those have been overnight camps, and I think that’s probably a good thing. I’d go stir crazy. But, they’ve been camps that run throughout a week, and introduce a lot of young, eager minds to the wonderful world of magic, and performing.

This summer was supposed to see me running another 5, week-long camps. That didn’t happen for obvious reasons. (Future historians: check out the publication date above, and then do a quick internet search for why this summer has been so messed up.).

Instead, I was able to run several versions of an online magic workshop. These have already been enjoyed by countless kids, who are no doubt out there somewhere entertaining family members with their new pieces of amazement.

Up for learning some magic?

Would you like to run off to magic camp? Do you have kids who’s like to learn to perform magic tricks? Whatever your thoughts, it can’t hurt to go checkout that new movie and see if it increases the temptation level. At the very least, it looks like it’ll be entertaining.

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