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Ha-Ha the Magic Parrot

A Parrot's Day Off

Ha-Ha has been performing about 15 shows a week this summer, so it's about time he had a chance to just kick back and enjoy a nice warm day. So here he is a happy parrot in the backyard. How does a parrot spend a day off in summer? He's listening to a young girl sing some songs, he's having a freezie, BBQing, and playing some ball.


From The Amazon

Ha-Ha comes from The Amazon which isn't such a big deal because I'm a Prime member. Needless to say, he loves a hot day. And that little girl, by the way, was a bit jealous of how high Ha-Ha managed to get on that climbing dome. She can't yet make it past the first bar.

And Tomorrow

Tomorrow Ha-Ha is back in the magic game. Two or three shows, from morning until night. Why the uncertainty? Well, he doesn't always make an appearance for those 9 years and older crowds. After the shows been going for a few minutes, he lets me know if he thinks they'd be into his brand of magic and humour. So time will tell, and until then, he'll just keep relaxing in the backyard until the mosquitoes chase him back inside.




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