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The 2017 Holiday Show Is Here!

December is finally here and it’s time to start performing my 2017 holiday season show. I’m excited because this year’s show features some new and exciting props and incredible tricks. I’m confident this is going to be enjoyed by both kids and adults.

This year’s Christmas & Holiday Magic Show features routines with a giant gingerbread man, a vanishing Santa Claus and snowman that colours itself in!!! I’ve also created a routine with some colourful bracelets, and can’t wait to finally debut it.

The snowman trick will be a lot of fun. It features an outline drawing of a snowman that the kids will help colour in. But, unlike similar tricks that I’ve performed in the past, the audience is actually going to see the snowman while it gets coloured in. It’s a beautiful illusion and one of the rare ones that I find myself being amazed by while I perform it! My eyes still can’t believe what they see when the colour appears on the picture.

The gingerbread man is a hilarious update of an old classic. It’s one I’ve never performed myself though, so this will be a lot of fun for me. It’s one of those magic tricks that has everything. Laughs, magic and… balloons! The gingerbread man loses his head, and a balloon ends up filling in its place. A little holiday cheer and the balloon bursts, only to find the head goes right back to where it started!

The bracelet trick should be a lot of fun. These will be displayed as “gifts” that I bought for the holidays, but need to keep them safe from the Grinch. So, what do I do? I tie them up in rope! Now no one will be able to get to them. Unless they know the magic words. When those are said, the bracelets penetrate right through the ropes.

If you will be in the audience for one of these shows, you’ll hopefully enjoy these routines as much as I do. If you aren’t going to get the chance to see any of these shows, there should be some videos being posted with clips from these magic shows soon.

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