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Back In The Saddle, Again!

Back In The Saddle Again

In-person magic shows are back, and I’m looooooving it! To be very very honest, I am going to miss the era of Zoom magic shows. They were efficient, and simple. That said, I disliked them for that same reason.

As much fun as it was performing Zoom magic shows for birthdays it took a lot — and I mean a LOT — of energy to get into each performance. Sometimes I was lucky enough to do 5, or even 6, Zoom magic shows in a day. With each show being in the exact same place, all performed for that little camera, it was easy to fall into the trap of going on auto pilot. When you see a magician, or any entertainer, working on autopilot, you can sense it. You might not know that’s what’s going on, but you can sense something isn’t quite right. I don’t want to be that performer, and so I had to dig deep to get the energy to keep it fresh.

For a live, in-person audience, the energy is most often gifted to you by the audience. For real. When entertainers thank their audiences for being “A great audience,” it isn’t just fluff. Without the audience giving the performer their energy, the show just suffers.

Real Live In-Person Audiences

But now I’m back! Things are opening up again this summer and it’s going way better than I’d anticipated. While it’s no 2019, it’s far from 2020! I expected this to be a very transitionary summer, where I would’t get a lot of work, but people are eager for entertainment and I’m back doing magic shows at birthday parties and summer camps, and it’s incredible.

The best thing about performing right now is that, for almost everyone I perform for, I’m the first live entertainer they’d seen in well over a year. It’s exciting. They get energetic about. They clap louder. They laugh louder. Their jaws drop further when the magic happens. All of that just feeds right back into the show, making it better and better.

High Energy Magic Shows

So there I am, outside, in the sun, during a heatwave, and wearing a mask. I’m sweating. I can barely bring myself to talk, let alone speak excitedly and bounce around the performing area. Yet, I do! Every clap, every cheer, every laugh, just gets me going. I’ve missed it and so while I should be a bit tired, out there in the sun, I’m jumping around like I’d had five coffees. In reality I typically have four. Okay, I don’t drink coffee, but, the line made me smile.
Are you going to be seeing any live entertainment in the near future? Will it be me, by chance? A magic show at your child’s summer camp? A backyard magician for the birthday? I hope it is me! But either way, I hope you enjoy it!

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