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How to Make Your Own Magic Top Hat

Kids love to create things and are often enthralled by the mere idea of getting to express themselves and their individuality. This tutorial will walk you through a step-by-step process for making a magic hat at your magic party. Get creative so that the kids can make something that they can be proud of. 

Top Hat 


  • Approximately 3 – 4 sheets  of Black Poster Board per child
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • A Stapler (with staples is best!)
  • Thin copy paper
  • A Pen or Pencil
  • A Flexible Measuring Tape

Get Ready

  • For each hat, cut out a large circle from the black poster board.  Make sure that each circle is about 12" in diameter. Mark the centre of each circle.
  • Draw an oval that would fit a child’s head on a piece of the copy paper.
  • Repeat the ovals 3times, expanding the oval by 1" on each to create a total of 4 patterns in different sizes.
  • Cut out the patterns
  • Write the size of each on the back and then mark the center of each oval.


Step 1. Measure the child's head with a measuring tape.

Step 2. Use the pattern that most closely matches the child's head size to trace and cut an oval from the center of one of the 12" circles. This circle will be the brim of the hat. The oval you cut out of it will be the top.

Step 3. Cut a rectangle out of the poster board (it should be 1" longer than the child's head measurement & 12 inches in height.  Although, the height can be up to you or the child.) 

Step 4. Roll the rectangle poster board into a tube, and place it into the oval hole which is inside the hat's brim. 

Step 5. Once the rolled poster board is in, about half of the way, let it come loose until it fills the oval opening.

Step 6. Staple along the edges of the tube to secure it.

Step 7.  Push the brim of the hat to the bottom edge of the stapled tube.

Step 8. Squeeze some glue into the crack between the inner edge of the brim and the outside of the tube. 

Step 8.  Turn the hat upside down, and tape the bottom of the brim to the inside of the tube so that it will stay in place until the glue dries. 

Step 9. Line the top edge of the tube with glue, and press the oval top into the glue. 

Step 10.  Turn the hat upside down again, then secure the inside of the hat with a few pieces of tape. 

Your hat is complete! Now let the kids decorate them to their hearts content.

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