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Funny Things Kids Say

As a magician I perform shows for all types of audiences. In a given week I may be entertaining at a couple of weddings, a corporate lunch and a store opening. More than anything else though, I’m hired to put on magic shows at children’s birthdays. I’ve done my show at hundreds and hundreds of those!

In all of those shows I have heard the kids say some of the craziest things. Some of those things leave me scratching my head, but others just leave me laughing. For instance, earlier this year I overheard: “Where’s the magician?” “He’s in the bathroom.” “Wow. What’s he doing in there?”

A few weeks back I was performing my show to a room full of six year olds, and all of them were laughing louder and louder. Suddenly a child looked back at the parents and called out “How much does he get paid?” A fair question, I suppose.

Most regularly, the things I hear have to do with the magic tricks themselves. Just like anything else, kids like you to know what they know about what you’re doing. In this case it’s often “I’ve seen this one!” In most cases, they soon realize that I’m actually doing something they haven’t seen before, and is usually followed by “Huh? Wow!”

Just a couple weeks ago I was setting up my show and heard an entirely new type of “I’ve seen it”. A child excitedly pointed at something as I was getting ready and proudly told me “Oh, I’ve seen that trick before.” He was pointing at my table!

Some kids go a step further and yell out how the trick is done. It’s hard to resist sharing that knowledge, right? In almost every case the children don’t really know how it’s done, but it’s not like a magician can just stop in the middle of the show and demonstrate how it really is done. What fun is that?

“It’s in his sleeve!” was always said the most. So much so, that I started wearing short sleeves just to avoid it. Why not? It makes things that much more amazing! Of course, the reason why so many children think they know how it’s done is because they aren’t yet able to reason their way through their explanation. That’s why I’m certain that if I were to make an elephant vanish, there will still be children saying “It’s in his sleeve!”

Every week I add to my list of the funny things I hear the kids say. Hopefully soon I’ll post a proper list in this blog. For now though, I leave you with my latest entry: “Oh, I saw you before. I thought you only performed at Sarah’s birthdays.”

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