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A Spell Book to Run the Party

Here’s a great craft to do at the start of a birthday party. Often, when kids arrive, they are given crafts to do such as colouring sheets, or making magic wands. It’s a great activity choice, because you don’t have to wait for everyone to arrive before starting.

A “spell-book” or “book of magic words” is something all the children can have fun making. I won’t bore you with details of how to construct the book, because there are dozens of methods from stapling a few sheets of paper together, to fancy folding to simply buying small, inexpensive notebooks that can be decorated.

Now, go to your crafts drawer, or the dollar store crafts section, and pick out a few things that you think would be great for decorating a spell book. Markers, stickers, glitter (but think really, really hard about whether you’d want to clean up glitter!), and so on. Let the kids decorate the outside of their book however they choose.

When all the kids are there, start writing spells. This in itself can be a fun game. One child says a silly word, another child has to think of a rhyming word, and so on. You wind up with little nonsense phrases.

Extreme Spell-Book

If you want to take this idea to an extreme, have the kids help you create spells that will initiate all the party activities to follow. Then, when it’s time to have cake, for instance, they’ll all have to look in their books and recite the silly spell for cake.

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