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Kidapalooza Festival, Fall 2018

I was just lucky enough to two days performing for the crowds at the Kidapalooza festival in Markham this past weekend. Thousands of people passed through, and it felt like most of them were at my show!

Parrot PuppetThere were a lot of highlights for me this past weekend, not the least of which being my daughter saw my show for the first time. Of course, she’s barely 5 months old and so she “looked at” my show more than she “watched” my show. Nonetheless, she didn’t cry once; I’ll take that as a good review.

Another highlight was introducing Ha-Ha, my parrot! Ha Ha is a beautiful parrot puppet who is slowly making his way into my act. He’s only been a part of a few shows in the last few months, and this weekend was, by far, his biggest audience.

The best part is, he proved to be a huge hit! Sure, he couldn’t make the flowers disappear. Sure, he tried to make me look foolish at times. But the important thing is, the kids loved him, and he looked so beautiful sitting there on my arm!

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