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DIY Magical Party Invitations

Is there anything more fun than a magic party? Express that fun with an awesome party invitation! The invitation to a party sets the tone of the event and lets people know what to expect. It is a fun way to let everyone know just what a great time that you plan to have!  Here are some cute and crafty invitation ideas that are… well… magical!

Rabbit in a Hat 

Buy white construction paper and make cutouts of rabbits. On the white cut outs, write the details of the party.  Cut out a top hat using black construction paper and make a slit in the hat near the top. Then slide your rabbit right into the slit.  Most of the rabbit is now hiding behind the hat, but leave the rabbit's ears peeking out. You may want to use an extra piece of paper glued behind the hat to create a pocket behind the hat, so the rabbit doesn’t slide around. Now, to read the invitation, kids will pull the rabbit up out of the hat. 

Invisible Ink  

Kids love secret codes and invisible ink.  The mystery and the fun of being the only one who can read it is just so exciting! Write some information on white card stock, with a white crayon.  In each envelope include a coloured crayon that kids can colour over the invisible message with.  And, just like that, your message will appear.

Of course, the key party details need to be conveyed, so let’s be sure not to put those details in white crayon.  

Playing Cards 

Cut white card-stock into rectangles so that they are the shape of large playing cards. Decorate them to resemble playing cards, leaving the the centres blank. This is where the party details go. The card’s back design can be a map to the party location. 

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