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It's over now, but oh was it fun!

Magic Show Live in the Theatre

I got to perform as part of an amazing night of comedy and improv, and it was an incredible experience getting to be on stage in such a beautiful theatre.

Really. Have you been to Port Hope's Capitol Theatre? You should go. Watch a show, and have a great time, and imagine what it would have been like to see WonderPhil there, performing for a see of.... well, to be honest, the stagelights are rather bright, and so I couldn't really see who was out in the audience. My guess: the best audience in the whole world! I wish you were a part of it, as, I'm sure you deserve to be!


A New Level of WonderPhil

If you only know WonderPhil through his kids and family shows, then you are in for a real treat with this show. He'll be making two guest appearances as part of the Carnegie Hall Show, at the Cameco Capitol Arts Centre in Port Hope.

Expect a fun dose of sleight of hand, card magic, and a really cool thing with a few stones! See, he takes the stones and.. well, a volunteer takes the stones and... and... and, it's just something you're going to want to see!

Check out this page for ticket information.

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Geneva Centre for Autism


“Phil joined our Adult Social Club for a 30minute virtual magic show and he was fantastic! He positively engaged with participants and participants reported that they loved the magic show. Phil is enthusiastic and full of energy which makes the session even more fun. Thank you Phil!”

Bridlewood Mall


"Thank you so much for joining us for our March Break week of fun! Your performance was "Wonderphil" and we look forward to welcoming you back again in the near future."



"Great show, WonderPhil!"

Brant Beacon, Newspaper


"Toronto’s premier family magician"

Nicole Stamp


"His show is 100% kid-appropriate, genuinely hilarious for kids and grownups, and kids are engaged, focused, and riveted the whole time! WonderPhil is a top-notch entertainer!"

Quinte West Library


"We loved all the magic AND the jokes! What a fun event!"

Sin City Illusions


"If you want to see a masterclass in family magic, go see WonderPhil!"


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