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Two Angels On a Playing Card

Here is a beautiful illusion performed with a single playing card. It’s wonderful, looks incredible, leaves a lasting impression, and demonstrates just how cool card magic can be when it isn’t really card magic. I can rave about it because it’s not mine. The “trick” was invented by one of magic’s greats, and I simply love performing it.

This particular performance is during strolling magic at a wedding. Because of the nature of the routine, I pretty much always peform this at weddings. It’s a love story all its own, with two angels joining each other after 100 years of seperation. The video is of a quick performance of the routine, but hopefully we’ll meet in person and I can present the full routine.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The other day I was nominated to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. From what I understand, ths challenge originated with make a donation, or dump a bucket of ice water on your head. As many people have been doing, I chose to make the donation and dump the bucket of ice water on my head.

Deciding to have some fun with it, I created a 4 minute video that includes some magic, where I make ice from water (that doesn’t sound anywhere near as cool as it looks). The video also features my adorable puppy, as well as a shot my girlfriend reluctantly agreed to help out with.

The Engagement Party

In the world of playing card magic, there are many ways to make two cards magically change places. They can travel from a pocket, a card box or right in the magician’s hand. Here we try something a bit different. Watch as Michelle and Ryan make their cards change places with, beleive it or not, a little kiss

Live At Baltic Ave, in Toronto

Here’s a fun set presented to a wonderful audience during a variety and improv show at Baltic Avenue, in Toronto. With only a few minutes to perform, I put together a nice fast paced series of tricks and jokes and am thrilled with the result. Please enjoy the card and coin magic, and the fun disappearing napkin trick towards the end.
The card magic and coin magic are versions of larger routines I often perform at corporate events, weddings and banquets. A coin grows in size, a named of card appears and a deck of cards magically springs from… my mouth!

Coins From Nowhere, Once and Again

I think I get more joy out of performing magic with coins than anything else. It feels elegant, and when everything is just right, it looks beautiful. The video you see here features part of a routine I’ve been working hard at, and performing quite a bit lately. It’s been getting some great reviews from audiences — and by reviews I mean gasps, dropped jaws and applause!.
This is an in-studio recording of the routine, created as a demonstration of some of the magic clients see me perform at cocktail parties, wedding receptions and other close up venues.

Magician Performs for iPhone 5S Lineup!

How do you pass the time when you’re lined up all night, waiting to get your hands on the latest gadget? If you’re lucky — and I sure hope that’s how everyone saw it! — you’ll get to enjoy an entertaining magician for a while. This was filmed in line at a Toronto shopping mall. The illusion features a coin that appears and vanishes, and then reappears in the most impossible of places.

I Love That Moment of Pure Amazement!

One of the best parts about being a magician is that moment your audience is truly amazed. They know it’s a trick. It’s got to be a trick. Right? It can’t be magic, for real. Can it? That’s what most people want to think, but when something so unexplainable happens right in your hands it’s hard not to let your jaw drop a little.
Here a few spectators watching me perform one of my favourite card magic tricks react with absolute astonishment. Without a doubt, helping someone experience this type of magic is the best part of doing what I do. I think these reactions are what separate “some guy who does magic” from the “great magicians”.