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There’s more to finding magic revealed than website like this. The world is filled with books and shops designed to help you learn to become a great magician. From magic books to magic shops, take a look below.

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Magic Shops

If you want to be a serious student of magic and get your hands on some quality magician props, you’ll want to find a great shop. For Toronto magicians, and others throughout Canda, a great place to start is The Browser’s Den of Magic. They’ve been around a long time and you’ll find their staff to be a great help. For people in the United States, or if you live anywhere else but want to find a store that has one of the largest selections around, try Penguin Magic. They offer great props, DVDs books and more.
Here are some great props that are recommended for beginners:

The Linking Rings – An ancient classic that’s fun to perform

The Cups & Balls and/or a Chop Cup – Another classic and it teaches you a lot about sleight of hand

The Invisible Deck – An easy to do card effect that always blows people away

Hopping Half – A wonderful introduction to coin magic

Amazon Books

Books About Magic

While it’s easy to turn to a video, books really are the better way to go. Videos, like those here at MagicSecrets.ca, are a good tool for beginning, books are the best tool there is for actually learning. Magic Videos are great for showing you what the end result should look like, but the books have instructions that you’ll turn back to again and again. The magic shops listed on this page are a good place to get books as well. But, if you’re already familiar with sites like Amazon.com — a site available all around the world — take a look at their magic book selection. They don’t stock most of the great books from recent years. These tend to be exclusive to magic shops. They do stock a lot of the classic books though, and these are the ones you want to start off with.

These are some of the best books for beginners:

  1. Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic – A classic learning tool. You really can perform professionally by learning nothing but what’s in this book!
  2. Magic: The Complete Course – A book by an amazing magician, Joshua Jay It’s often compared to the Mark Wilson book, but was written more recently.
  3. Modern Coin Magic – If you want to master coin magic, you need this book. A lot of modern coin magic is taught assuming you’ve already read this! It’s not written to be a beginners book like the previous two, but if you start on page one and work your way through, you’ll find learning to be quite easy.
  4. Royal Road to Card Magic – If you want to master card magic, this is the next step after reading one of the “complete courses” above. Like the coin magic book, it teaches all the basics and then gets to the “hard stuff”.