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You can learn more magic tricks on the pages of this website, but there are more places you can learn, too. Checkout your local bookstore or school library. Magic books are easy to find, and they’ll expose you to hundreds of other tricks that you can do with playing cards.

Card magic happens to be the most written about type of magic in the world. There are more card tricks and methods for those tricks in existence than any other type of trick.This doesn’t mean there are a few dozen. No. There are thousands. Really. Thousands upon thousands.

If you find that hard to believe, take a look for yourself. Open up some books and start learning!

Magic Trick:

2 Card Monte

Needed: Special Two Card Monte Playing Cards

The Two Card Monte is a popular trick, especially amongst beginners. It’s easy to do, but can really amaze people with just a little practice.
What your audience sees is that you have two different cards. You show them which one you place behind you back, and ask them which one is left. They guess wrong, because the cards keep switching places! You can repeat this several times, but let’s not overdo it!
To do this trick, you need to buy the special Two Card Monte cards, or make your own! You can make your own by taking four different playing cards, and gluing two of them together face to face. This will look like one card that has a back design on both sides. The other two cards should be glued together back to back. This will look like one card with two different faces!
To perform the trick, you hold the two cards together to display them. Name the card that your audience can see. Then turn both cards over at once — still holding them together — and name the new card that’s facing them. The illusion is that the audience sees two different cards, front and back. What’s really happening is that they are seeing both sides of a double backed card, and both sides of a double faced card. Let them see you put the face card behind your back, and secretly turn it over. Bring it back out with the other side showing, and it will look like the cards have switched places. Now, do that turnover move again.
Take a look at The Toronto Magic Guy performing and teaching this trick in the video above, and you’ll see just how easy it can be!

Magic Trick:

Paper Clip Card Illusion

Special Paper Clip Card Prop or: 5 playing cards & glue

Okay, I’ll show you how to do this. I’ll show you what it does. But I won’t tell you why it works.

This is a cool magic trick, but it’s even better to present it as a stunt or a “betcha”. Watch the video, spend a minute to make the trick, and then look closely at why it actually works.

What’s it all about? You show your spectator which card is in the middle of a row of five. Then all they have to do is clip that card with a paperclip. But, they can’t do it. Weird!

Magic Trick:

The Circus Card Trick

Any deck of playing cards

This is the Circus Card Trick, but is also taught simply as “The Key Card Trick”. The basic routine apparently dates back over 100 years, and was performed… at the circus! Not in the circus. At the circus. It’s something the workers would do to con each other… or entertain each other? The card trick is quite simple to learn, and even easier to do. Like most magic with cards, it’s best to follow along with a deck of cards in your hand.


Playing cards and specially made magic props are cool, but the magic tricks you do with everyday objects are what people will most remember. There’s something organic about doing a magic trick with a bill, or a coin. It makes the magic feel a lot more real, and even more unexplainable.

Magic Trick:

Self Folding Money

Play paper money

This is a really fun trick to do with paper money. It’s best to use play money, especially if you live somewhere like Canada. (Technically, it’s illegal to purposefully destroy money in Canada. And this trick involves putting a tear in the bill!)

This is something I perform often, and have performed often since I was a little kid. It’s easy to do, but does take some practice to get comfortable with it. You can perform it in your first magic show, or just for fun. My suggestion is to keep this cool trick in your pocket and perform it casually when no one suspects a trick is about to happen. Then you can watch their eyes bug out!

Magic Trick:

Snapper Puzzle

One Snapper Prop

This is the Magic Snapper Puzzle. The Snapper is a prop that you can buy from magic shops, or from many online toy stores. It’s also a common thing to find in beginner’s magic sets. It isn’t actually a magic trick, thought it could be presented as one. Normally this is shown like a puzzle. You show your friend the tube that has a rubber band in it, and the hook. You ask them to put the hook into the tube, and try to attach it to the elastic band.
Unless they know the secret, they won’t be able to do it. What’s the secret? The secret is that the Snapper is impossible!
It’s not actually possible to hook the elastic band. The hook isn’t long enough to reach!!! Still, when you pick it up you make it look like you’ve hooked the elastic. Hand it back to your friend and watch them keep trying.
To make it look like you hook the elastic band with the hook, all you have to do is pinch the tip of the hook while it’s in the tube. It will snap forward, as though being pulled by the elastic band. Watch the video to see the Magic Guy perform and demonstrate the trick.


Your local magic shop and toy store will have some cool magic props for you to play with. These are designed just to amaze people, and so you can do some pretty fun things with them. Here are some of my favourites, but you should definitely look around for some more.

Magic Trick:

The Paddle Trick

Magic Paddle

The Magic Paddle uses one of the oldest magic priciples in the world. The illusion is that magicians show something that appears on two sides of a paddle. Then the image changes, or moves. In the above video, The Magic Guy, a Toronto magiciain, demonstrates the paddle trick with a popular rabbit paddle. Here, there is a picture of a hat that looks empty. Then a picture of a rabbit appears in the hat!
If you got a magic paddle in a magic kit, it may look different than the one in the video. The instructions still work though, so watch it and enjoy your fun prop. It’s a great one for amazing friends and family. It’s also easy to learn. It takes some practice though, and it may take a bit of time to get the hang of it.
Your paddle will have an image on one side, and a different image on the other. You have to turn the paddle over in a special way that makes it look like you are showing both sides, while really showing just one. To do this, hold the paddle loosely between your thumb and fingers so that one side of the paddle is facing away from you.
Rotate your wrist, as if you are about to turn the paddle over to show the other side. As you rotate your wrist, your thumb and finger will spin the paddle away from you, just half a rotation. The result is that even though you turned your wrist, the same side is facing towards your audience.
To make the magic happen, give the paddle a shake. While it’s shaking, actually turn it around. When you stop shaking there will be a different image facing out. This may sound complicated because it’s hard to visualize what is happening. So take a look at the video and see how it’s done.

Magic Trick:

The Magnetic Wand

A magic wand
You can also use a pencil

One of the most popular items in The Magic Guy’s loot bags is the wand. The Magnetic Wand is a great trick to perform with your magic wand. You can even use a pencil, pen or similar shaped object. If you’re at school, try this with a ruler, and amaze your teacher!
When you perform this, your friends will see you hold a magic wand in your left hand. You’ll open up your fingers, and the wand won’t fall. It will look like it’s just stuck to your hand. It’s a really cool illusion, and the secret is simple. Try it a few times and you’ll be ready to perform it for anyone.
To perform it, hold the wand in your left fist. Your right hand grabs your left wrist. You’ll tell your friends that this is to steady your hand, or to slow your pulse. Just say something so it makes sense that you’re holding your wrist. The secret to the trick is that while you hold your wrist, you’ll extend your right index finger and push it against the wand inside your left fist. When your left fingers open, it will looks like the wand is just stuck there, because the finger is hidden behind your hand and arm. For a better idea of how this looks, check out the video and watch the performance and explanation.

Magic Trick:

Fun Magic Twisty Worm

A Twisty Worm Toy

Magic Twisty Worms are a fun toy and a favourite of kids all around the world. By themselves, these are little, cute, fluffy “worms”. But, when you know the secret to making them come alive, a magician can do some pretty incredible things with them. With experimentation you’ll be able to make your magic twisty worm crawl around you hand, over pencils, into glasses and much, much more.
This video shows the very basic handling of this exciting prop, to help get you started. The idea is to take the string, and unwind it so the string is about a foot and a half — you’ll figure out the exact size with some play. One end of the string is already attached to the magic twisy worm’s nose. The other end should be tucked into your belt, or anchored into your pocket. Then, let the worm and string hang over your hand. Move your hand away from you and back again, and look how the worm reacts. Check out the video and see how it’s done.