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Magic Party Planning in Toronto

The following are some articles that offer some great advice on searching Toronto’s magicians for the perfect fit for your party. These tips were gathered through experience, observation as well as feedback from the hundreds of shows I perform each year.

Of course, if you are looking to have a magic birthday party, or other celebration, please take a look through the rest of my site and see how my act can be the perfect fit for your celebration. I’m quite proud of my shows and the great reviews they receive. Also, feel free to contact me at any time by phone or email for help with any questions you may have.

Tips for taking pictures at a kid’s birthday party

When a birthday party is being set up, one of the most important things to put on your to do list is making sure you have everything you need for getting the best pictures possible. Pictures are what people will look back at for those great memories.

First of all if possible hire someone else to take the pictures for you; this will give you free time to spend with your child. Make sure to set up at least 15 minutes prior to the party. If possible visit the place the party is being held and scout out the best places you want the pictures to be taken. For instance; you will need a great angle to take that picture of the blowing out of the candles. It only happens once and you don’t want to miss it. Or the table where all the presents are being held. Always, and I mean always bring extra film. It is better to have extra than not enough.

Most importantly take a test shot with your camera. You don’t want to start taking pictures and find out you might not be using the camera that best fits the moment. Bring along different types of cameras. If the party is being held outside use the natural light. But bring that flash, just in case the party stretches into the evening or the night if it is a sleepover. Make sure you take plenty of pictures of everything including the guest. Also include yourself in some of those pictures, so your child can see how much fun you are having also. The more pictures the better. This way you can pick and choose which ones you wish to keep. It can even be fun to get the guest involved by giving out portable cameras allowing them to catch some of those special moments you might have missed.

You might think about setting up a tripod in a corner somewhere that has the best angles and let it do its own magic. Sure there will be a lot of photos but this is a sure way to make sure you won’t miss anything. Be very alert. Watch everyone and everything. This way you can maybe get ahead of what is about to happen and catch it on film. You might want to think about taking pictures of images of things before the party, like the table where all the party favors are. Once the kids get there it usually is not quite the same.

It is also great to get a few pictures of the party child alone with her friends or the family before the party starts. These can be used as the portraits of the party. Young children tend to get a little messy. When the entertainment arrives be sure to take pictures of them before they get started. Just before the entertainment starts walk around to know where is the best place you should be when all the fun and excitement begins. A child’s birthday party can be so exciting for them. The pictures you take are what bring all those memories back to life.

Tips for Decorating a Child’s Birthday Party

When decorating for a child’s birthday party talks to your child about what they want. Ask them what type of birthday party they would like. Consider the things they enjoy and like to do. Getting them involved makes the party more special to them. They will be sure to tell their friends what is in store for when they arrive. Always make your decorations bright and colourful. You want the party to stand out. This was they will catch everyone’s eye when they walk in. Even if it is outside, bring all that colour alive.

Visit your local craft stores. They will have a lot of ideas to use at your party. From ribbons to banners and party favours, they can be found here. Take your child with you to the craft store as well so they can help and be a part of it. Most craft stores even have projects you and your child can pick out and make for the party. A fun thing that many people make themselves is the centrepiece.

If it is a theme party you are having, make sure to bring in all the elements that would tie the party together. Like for instance if the party is about a favourite show your child likes to watch then make sure you watch one of the shows so you know what to look for that will make their party grand. Look for things that you seen on the program you watched like certain characters that may be your Childs favourite.

Maybe your child wants to recreate a special place you visited while on vacation for their party. Look back on the photos you took while you were there and try to recreate the things you see. For instance Disney World. Have your child dress up as one of the characters there. Send out decorated invitations asking everyone to dress up as their favourite character from Disney.

You can also plan on having entertainment such as a clown or a magician. Be sure to have party favours that one would use if they were a clown or a magician so that it relates to the party. For instance, a clown party could have funny glasses or silly straws or even flowers that squirt water. Have these as decorations or in party bags for all the children to enjoy.

When decorating your table focus on the centrepiece. This will tell just what kind of party you are having. If you are having a party based on your child’s favourite colours, a gum-ball machine with their favourite colours of gum-balls would make a great centrepiece. Use the same colours to pick out the table cloth, the napkins, the plates and even the party hats.

Balloons are a must at a child’s birthday party. You can give them out when they walk in or you can even use them as decorations. Tie them to everything possible. Use every colour available, to make your party festive and colourful.

To make your child feel that this is their day, be sure to have a special chair just for them. Decorate this chair with colourful paper, balloons, a crown and even their name. They will be sure to know this day is just for them. Using lots of colour will bring a child’s birthday party alive, be sure to find all the colours that are available.

Birthday Party Magicians: Tips for Party Planners

Hiring magicians to perform at kids birthday parties is an amazing way to give children a memorable experience that they’ll truly enjoy. It’s not only something that will make the birthday girl or boy feel special during their party, but it will leave them with something to talk about for days and even weeks after their big day has come and gone.

Of course, everything you do in the planning of a birthday party is an investment. It’s an investment of time and/or money, and the magicians that get hired for parties are an investment as well. So, not only do you want to be sure you invest in the right magical entertainment, but you’ll want to be sure that everything planned in conjunction with that entertainment goes well, too.

The right birthday party planning tips do, naturally, change depending on the environment the party is being hosted in, and the kids themselves. No two groups of children are the same, so you need to plan for the children who’ll be at your party. You don’t always know these kids very well, so when it doubt, plan for the worst!

First thing is first. Make sure the children’s parents know there will be magic show and make sure they know when the show is starting. People often hear “2 o’clock” and think it’s okay to show up any time before 3 o’clock. Nice magicians will happily hang out at the birthday party a little longer to allow for these kinds of delays, but sometimes kindness has nothing to do with it. Full time magicians typically have several shows a day, and waiting 10 minutes longer to start the show is just not a possibility.

From your own end, be ready with the camera. Children’s birthdays are all about the memories, and magicians gear their party shows around this notion, and when the children volunteer, you’ll see countless photographic moments happen before your eyes. You can sit back and enjoy these moments, or enjoy them with camera in hand. The latter means you’ll be able to show the children the pictures years later, and chances are it will make them remember that great birthday party quite clearly.

When it comes to parties with children in your home, simple is best. Have the magic show inside, not outside. This means the kids will be less fidgety and more comfortable. With comfortable in mind, don’t over think it. For you and I, this would mean a chair. For kids, sitting on the floor for 30-60 minutes it’s perfectly fine. This is a big deal because fighting over a spot on the floor is a lot less common than fighting over a chair.

When the show is in progress, many children will act up. This is normal. Now, you can check with the magician at your child’s birthday party about this ahead of time, but chances are, their show is designed to get the kids talking and cheering and calling out — often in ways that include “It’s in your sleeve!” Frankly, if the show doesn’t include a lot of those moments, it’s probably not the show you want to pay for.

Many parents have preempted the children’s screams or cut them off right when they’ve started. In most cases, this can actually be a bad thing. The whole point of birthday party magic shows is to get the kids to make some (controlled!) noise! As a parent or party planning, you should be prepared to allow this to take place, but be mindful of kids who take it too far.

It’s easy to spot when kids take things too far. It’s when they talk when the magician is talking, it’s when they’re the only one calling out, and it’s when their jeers are said with malice and not good fun. It’s also when — especially when — they run up to the magician and snatch props. This is when you should take action. Once the magician start crowd control, it’s almost impossible to get the show back up to speed and the mood is killed.

As with all tips and advice for magic shows at parties, check with the magicians you speak with for their points of view. What do they think, and what do they suggest? Go over things mentioned here, and ask for anything else they may think you should know. Then you’ll be able to ensure it’s a great birthday party.

Magicians Toronto Has to Offer

The nice thing about living in a big city like this is that there are many magicians Toronto has to offer. That results in a lot of good things for the consumer, and that goes beyond choice. It also provides a better marketplace from which to choose an entertainer. So, whether you are planning a kids party or a function for an adult crowd, the fact that there are many magicians Toronto can provide works out well.

The choice is the big thing though. While in smaller towns you would essentially wind up with the one magicians that everyone else gets, here you are able to broaden the search and try out someone new. New and different, incidentally, will often mean better. To ensure it doesn’t mean worse though, big cities have the benefit of offering many portals with which to find reviews and feedback on entertainers.

While the magicians Toronto provides are plentiful, consumers like yourself get to reap the rewards financially, too. That’s because competition gets a little stiffer and a magician is far less likely to take advantage of you by overcharging for their services. If nothing else, the fact that there are so many people offering this service means that getting varied quotes won’t be difficult, so you’ll at least know what is fair.

There are many places to start your search for your party entertainment as well. From the phone book to Internet search engines, the choices are many. But you can also take advantage of the fact that Toronto has many magazines and web sites dedicate to party planning, parenting and other related topics. Within them you will find leads to many magicians Toronto has.

So feel free to investigate the options. Discover who’s right for you, and find the price that suits your budget. When everything is done, and your party was a success, take the time to help out other people who are searching for entertainment. Go on web sites that advertise them, and rate the magicians Toronto has.

Narrowing it Down

Ever wonder about all the magicians Toronto has? While you don’t likely know any by name, as magicians hardly reach celebrity status all that often, you’ve likely encountered your share of magical entertainment during your time spent in this city. So why are there so many, and is there really a difference from one to the next? Let’s start with the most important thing, which is that yes, yes there is a difference. The difficulty for those who are looking to hire magicians is that they don’t normally have much experience in the field, so they don’t know what they’re after. With singers it’s easy. This one has a good voice, this one sings songs you like, this one brings a band, and so on.

The magicians Toronto plays home to have unique things about them that make them stand out from one to the next. Some are in sleight of hand, some favor a comedic approach to the tricks and some gear their presentations to children entirely. Then there are those whose shows play big while others design their act for more intimate settings.

One reason that so many magicians call Toronto home has to do with population. Beyond that though, this city also offers many opportunities for people to learn the trade, as there are people to learn from and shops to get supplies and learning material from. This isn’t true for many other places, including other large cities.

So of the many magicians Toronto has, the start of your search should find you looking for a style of magic first. If it’s a kids birthday party you’re planning, that’s fairly simple. For adult fare, things get a bit broader. You may want a mentalist, a close up entertainer, or someone specializing in stage illusions. After finding an answer for that though, you’ll find that searching through the magicians Toronto has much easier.

Tips For Planning a Kids Party With a Magician

Okay, let’s assume you’ve found a magician. And now let’s assume you’ve hired the magician. Now what you need to do is ensure that the party you plan is a hit, and that the magician is able to put on the great show you’ve paid for. There are some good tips to keep in mind throughout the process, and the first has to do with timing. Remember that everybody is late, though hopefully not the magician. That’s why you want to make sure you plan your party so that the magician is not starting the same time the party was called for. Usually, giving it an extra half hour for people to come and settle in is more than enough. Another idea is to put the magician at the end of the party, that way it’s something to look forward to, and also gives you the perfect time to finally relax while someone else takes the heat!

All parties need food, and kids parties are no exception. Remember, Toronto magicians love to get the kids involved with the show, which means all of them, at some point, may be on their feet or even wandering back and forth. That’s the key reason why you should serve food before or after the show, but never during. Aside from distracting the kids from enjoying the magician you’ve paid for, it will result in things spilling where you don’t want them to spill.

Once all this is in order, remember that the magician will need space to perform, and the kids will need space to watch. Most magicians would suggest not bothering with chairs, as this might just get in the way. The kids will likely be fine on the floor, and any Toronto magician with the slightest bit of experience will know enough to plan a show in a way that allows kids on the floor to see clearly.

You’ll still need to do more, of course. Balloons, perhaps, and some other decorations, and even organize some games for the kids to play. When it comes to the magic show, however, you’re pretty much well on your way. Just remember that you should call the magician to confirm a few days before the kids party, though the magician will probably call you for the same!

How to Hire Toronto Magicians

Hiring Toronto magicians can be tricky business, no pun intended. The problem is that the majority of people who are doing the hiring have never hired a magician before, and likely never plan on having to do it again. That means there’s no experience to fall back on. There’s no learning from mistakes. When the Toronto magicians you are looking for are for your child’s party, this causes even more pressure because you only get one shot at making them happy.

The good news is there are quite a number of steps you can take in order to ensure the magicians you find are up to the task. The first are quite obvious. Start by looking at their website and checking out their photos and videos. The videos will be self evident. If the magic and performance appeal to you, things will be looking good.

The next thing to consider on the website is the packaging. Really. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, they say, but on the other hand this tends to work out quite well. If the Toronto magicians website that you look over has unprofessional pictures, a bad design or interface or just looks cheap on the whole, then there may be a reason for that. If the opposite is true, it’s likely because they have a lot of experience as a magician, and a lot invested in doing well in the business.

Leaving their website, you can find reviews on the internet. Parent websites and entertainment websites alike will have reviews from people just like yourself, and you may end up reading some pretty good things, or maybe even some bad things, about the magician you want to hire.

Once you get a good picture painted in your head about a few Toronto magicians, get in touch with them to find out pricing and availability. Now that you’ve narrowed it down a little, this shouldn’t take you very long. The results will make things much clearer for you. When things are all set, and you have the party and the magician comes, remember that you can help make things easier for other people in your situation. Post reviews, whether good or bad, on kids websites that talk about Toronto magicians. The more people do this, the easier the process will be.