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Close up Magic and Magicians

Toronto magicians, and those around the world, are popular for many different kinds of magical styles. What is the most popular though? Which style is the one that’s most celebrated by audiences and magicians alike? Kids magic and stage magic comes to mind, and close up magic is surprisingly something seldom thought of by laymen. As you would expect, this goes on to be a fairly subjective thing, and the answer would differ depending on whether you ask Toronto magicians, those from other parts of the world, or audiences themselves.

When you look at cold hard figures though, and even look at the perception that people have of magicians, it’s clear to spot some clear trends. This, too, differs depending on where you are though. Toronto magicians, for instance, are looked upon much like those from around North America, being thought of us kid entertainment most of the time.

That’s not to say that magic isn’t known and loved by adults, it’s just that in casual settings, most people in our culture have grown to associate this entertainment as children’s entertainment. Really, the only contrast to this, and it’s a big one, happens when it’s a famous performer or a Vegas performer. In these cases people know and often love the magical entertainment. When it’s not a Vegas show, or a big, known name, people in our culture tend to need to be told that “This is a show for grown-ups”, when this applies.

So, when you look at the actual number of shows performed in any segment of time, Toronto magicians are clearly most popular as kids’ entertainers. On television, magicians are known to be mysterious and more adult driven in their entertainment. In other parts of the world though, audiences look at magic is a whole other light, and seem to appreciate styles differently, and associate it with mature audiences, whether it’s on television or not.

All that being said, it only touches upon the audiences’ points of view. Perception, as said, differs and definitively calling one form more popular than another can’t be an exact statement. When it comes to magicians though, there is a clear winner in terms of the most popular style. Whether it’s for the sheer love of the art, or the practicality of learning and performing it, close up magic is the huge winner.

Close up magic consists of what laymen look upon as card tricks, coin tricks and other things that are performed for few people at a close distance. It’s far more interactive and engaging style of entertainment than stage magic, and a much more mystery-filled style than stage magic, if only because the proximity makes each effect all the more impossible.

So how does one know that close up magic is the most popular magical style? You can look at Toronto magicians as a sample but, frankly, anywhere in the world you can see the same thing. Hundreds of books on this type of magic are published annually compared to a near-invisible number of books related to all other magic fields combined, with the possible exception of mentalism; though, the latter is often presented as another style of close up magic, as it often is.

Toronto magicians who frequent magic shops, and laymen who go to explore these shops for the first time, almost always leave with products related to performing up close. The irony is, on this side of the world, close up magic is one of the least known forms of professional magic amongst audiences. Here, the word “professional” is important. That’s because when people think of close up magic, they tend to think of amateur magicians — friends and family — who perform, all too often, mediocre effects.

There’s more though, in terms of close up magic and magicians’ favourite styles of magic. Within close up there is a clear leader in terms of what types of effects are performed most often. This is, naturally, card magic. Think of this: Magic is believed to be the art form with the most annually published material. Collectively, since the history of printing, more has been published about magic than almost any other topic.

Now that you’re picturing the magnitude of that, understand that a huge portion of this is related to close up magicians. Of that, it’s probably a vast understatement to say that at least half of the material is related specifically to playing cards. Staggering!

So, whether we’re talking about Toronto magicians or entertainers from anywhere else, close up magic and, specifically card magic, are the most popular styles of this art form. When done well, this style of magic can have a huge impact on audiences, and it is so often performed in a way that feels more real than stage or kids’ magic. If you haven’t had a chance to enjoy close up magic yourself, perhaps it’s something you’d want to consider for your next corporate function, family event or other party. Call some Toronto magicians, today, and find the one that’s the perfect fit for the function you’re planning.

Close up magicians perform some of the most elegant and memorable magic there is.

Right under the audience’s nose, often right in the palm of their hand, impossible things take place that they’ll be talking about for a long time.

My polished presentation of close up mingling magic will amaze and delight your guests. While many years of study and practice have given me the skills to create highly effective magic, my performance style makes it all entertaining.

I understand that mingling and table hopping magicians are meant to enhance the atmosphere of your event. That’s why you’ll find my shows get people gasping, laughing and talking. To find out more, contact me today.

Close-Up Magic Shows

Close-up magic is a great way to enhance an event’s ambiance, while entertaining the crowds. Table hopping and strolling magic is booked at an hourly rate. These shows differ from one function to the next depending on circumstances and what the event planners want, but the magic will always mystify and delight, and the humour will be tasteful so as to never leave your guests uncomfortable.

Phil can help you determine the best amount of time to book so as to ensure every table gets to enjoy a show. If you wish to do a mix of strolling and table magic, rest assured the magic won’t repeat itself. In all cases, remember that you are hiring more than just an expert manipulator, but a professional and seasoned professional.