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Putting On a Great Kids and Family Show

I strive to put on the best show possible every time, but I need your help. Please read the rules below, and feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions or concerns.


No food or drink during the magic show

When it’s possible (ie: the show isn’t at a banquet or similar event) please be sure there is no food or drinks served or available during the magic show.

– Food and drinks makes it difficult for the children to focus on, and often impossible to interact i, the show. Big laughs — which is what my show aims for — and snack food also presents a real choking hazard.
– Sticky fingers also limits their ability to be my helper during the act.


Children should sit on the floor

For most environments and situations the children should be seated on the floor and for larger groups, sitting in several narrow rows is better than one long row.
Time and again this has proven to be the best arrangement for keeping all the children focused on the show and having a great time.


Young Children

Young children who are just starting to crawl or walk have a tendency to make their way into the performance area during the show. While this is of course a distraction from the show, it can also be dangerous if I don’t see them, or if they get into the prop box. If there will be children this young amongst the guests, please do your best to discourage them from doing this as a safety measure.


Remind other adults to be on their best behaviour for the show, as well!

Please remind the other adults that even light chatter — or loud chatter in an adjoining room — can distract the children from being able to enjoy the show.
I promise though, the adults will have a wonderful time if they decide to watch the show along with the kids.


The time on the confirmation is the show start time

It’s often a good idea to let guests know there will be a magic show at the party, to ensure they will be on time. I always try to accommodate unexpected situations, but my performing schedule for the day does not always allow for delayed show times.


It’s alright for the kids to make some noise!

I’ve found a lot of parents feel it’s best to ask the kids to quiet down whenever they speak during the show, but remember that the show is designed to get the kids involved. They will call out to correct my “mistakes”, and to say “It’s in your other hand!” and that just makes things better.
The only time I ask that an adult step in is if one of the guest’s actions begin to distract others, or are completely out of context from the show.


Photographing the Show

Photos of the kids’ faces during the show are priceless, but please take photos and video from behind the kids or off to the sides of the performing space. Being in their line of vision, especially in front of or behind the performer, will ultimately destroy the wonderful moment you’re trying to capture!


Photography and Social Media

Please do take photos and videos during the show. If you post photographs to social media though, please use the #wonderphilmagic, add @magicintoronto to the comments,¬†or simply “www.MagicInToronto.com”.