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Teaching Kids About Internet Safety

Think before you click

Don’t open emails from unknown senders

Be careful who you talk to online

And so much more…

Essential Learning For Today’s Kids

The Internet Safety Magic Show teaches and reinforces the important messages for safe surfing.

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A Magic Show Fits The Them

Is this an educational theme tacked on to a magic act? It’s quite the opposite! The magicĀ and the routines in the show were carefully chosen to fit the theme of teaching safe internet practices. The show started with the idea of a photograph that kept reappearing no matter what’s done to it, as a way of emphasizing the idea that what’s posted on the internet will always be there. From there there show just grew and grew.

Magic For All Ages

While the message of the show is of course best comprehended by children 7 years and older, it’s good to know that the content of the show can easily be enjoyed by all.

Teachers’ Kit

Teachers will be provided with some great material to bring back to the class as a way to review all that was explained during the show.

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