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“I wanted to thank you again… We really all loved every minute of it and think you’re an expert not only in your craft, but with children as well!”
S Kapoor

Do you take last minute bookings?

“Our party’s tomorrow! Is it too late to book?”

Days often fill up weeks in advance, and so the sooner you call or email to book the magic show the better. But, if there is availability for the time you are looking for, you can book as late as the morning of the event.

Do you perform outside of Toronto?

“Our special event is several hours from the city…?”

Wonderphil can be available for magic shows just about anywhere, but additional travel fees may apply for locations outside the immediate Toronto area. Should such fees apply, they will be discussed before you book the show and won’t come as a surprise.

Are all of your magic shows the same?

“We’ve seen you perform a show before. Will you be able to perform a different one at our party?”

Often you’ll find, especially with children, that there are favourite parts of the show that they are happy to see again. That said, no one show contains all of the magician’s repertoire, so let Wonderphil, The Magic Guy know where you’ve seen him perform, and he will ensure the performance at your event contains some different material.

What age group is your show targeted towards?

“Will children of any age enjoy your shows?”

All of the magician’s shows are targeted to the audience he’s performing for. There are shows ready to be enjoyed by kids as young as three and everyone older. Whether your party will be for kids, adults, or a mix of all age groups, you can be sure the show will be perfectly suited for the audience.

How much space to you need?

“We don’t have a lot of room at our home. Will that be a problem for your show?”

Of course, the more space the better, but so long as the audience has room to sit comfortably in front of the performance area, there should be enough space for the show. Ideally though, a ‘stage’ area that is 2 metres square works best, but if this isn’t possible, simply discuss the setting with the magician upon booking.

How do we prepare for the show?

“Are there any requirements that we should have ready for you?”

Almost everything needed for the show is provide by the magician. The Magic Guy will bring a small table and box with props. For some shows he will also bring some small audio equipment, and so you may need to provide access to a power outlet close to the performance space.

Are you insured?

“Do you carry performers’ liability insurance?”

Yes, The Toronto Magic Guy, Wonderphil, does carry liability insurance.

Why should we be concerned about insurance?

“What does you being insured mean to us?”

Hiring an entertainer who carries insurance is just good sense. Some venues require it of all entertainers brought in for private functions, and for your own home you’d want any professional, whether they be plumbers or magicians, to have insurance. Carrying insurance is also a clear sign of a professional entertainer, and this lets you know they are prepared, experienced, and take their job seriously.

What do the grownups do during the show?

“It’s a kids birthday magic show, so where should the adults go?”

An adult should be present with the children during Wonderphil’s magic show and visit. It’s also a good idea to remind all the grown ups that too much talking in the background will distract the kids from getting the most out of the show. That said, the adults should gather around and watch the show along with the children, as they’ll find much of it entertaining and even magical! Beyond that, it’s fun to watch the children roar with laughter and have such a good time.

Do you make animal balloons?

“Will the kids get an animal balloon after the show?”

Wonderphil no longer offers animal balloons as part of his show, but can recommend some excellent balloon artists for your party. These are people who specialize in animal balloon sculptures, and can make some really exciting balloons for the kids.

Can we take photos and videos?

“Everyone has a camera… can we take pictures?”

For private parties you are definitely able to take photos and video of the magic show. Please remember though, public display of the video can only be done after obtaining permission from Phil Pivnick, (Wonderphil). Public display includes uploading video to sites including Facebook and Youtube.