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Upon submitting the form you will be directed to choose a payment method for the deposit.

The “deposit” is a non-refundable reservation fee. The client my cancel the show up to 30 days prior the the event date, after which time the show is considered pay or play and the client is responsible for paying the full balance of the show fee, with the exception of event cancellation due to acts of God or if terms of cancellation are agreed upon by both parties. If the show needs to be canceled by Phil Pivnick¬†for any reason (to date this has never happened), he will fully refund the deposit as well as make a good faith effort to find the client another magician for the event.

Supply difficulties, prop malfunction, venue restrictions, or other issues may result in inability to perform routines that were requested or outlined in show descriptions online or during your query.

Loud noises such as balloon popping occurs in some programs. Please let performer know if this may be a problem.

The Show Start Time you enter is when you would like the magic show to begin, not the time your event begins. If you need the show to start late, a full-length show cannot be guaranteed. Client is still responsible for paying for show as booked.

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